Setup + Support

Basic Setup Instructions for Glitter and Lace


Color Options

Go to Genesis->Theme Options and select a color option.

Social Media Icons

Download and install the ‘Simple Social Icons’ plugin. Add it to the ‘Social Icons’ widget area and configure options. For round icons, set the icon border radius to 30.

Then go to your social icons settings and insert the appropriate color code:
Color Codes:
Gray: #878787
Violet: #886491
Neon Pink: #FF278E
Periwinkle: #929ACD
Turquoise: #3CBDAE
Coral: #F48364
Rose: #BC717D


Instagram Widget Area

Download and install the ‘InstagramWidget’ plugin. Add it to the ‘Instagram’ widget area and set options to: 6 images, 150px x 150px.
(For first time setup, you will need to follow the link to get an access token.)

For Other Theme Information, visit the studiopress forums or email